Reezocar, the best solution for buying a second-hand car in France and Europe!

Reezocar hosts more than 7 million small ads and enables drivers to purchase cars in complete security, thanks to a network of more than 4,000 specialists in Europe.

Reezocar advisers are there to assist buyers, from selecting the best car to suit their needs to having it delivered, not forgetting negotiation, registration and even warranty and financing. Reezocar is providing leasing services and guarantees competitive prices. Reezocar has no physical stocks and is thus the first outfit to be 100% on the buyer’s side.

«Thanks to Via ID being the lead investor, Reezocar is able to assist second-hand car buyers in France and Europe in the best possible way and provides an unparalleled customer experience.»

Laurent, Co-founder of Reezocar

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7 million ads on the website

15 % savings for customers

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