The home-office carpooling leader in France

Klaxit is the leader carpooling mobile app for companies. Klaxit changes daily lives of employees by allowing them carpooling to work without hassle.

By responding to the specific needs of employees, notably in terms of flexible evening travel times, in a matter of weeks, Klaxit created a wide carpooling network in which, on average, 8 out of 10 employees found suitable carpool buddies.

Klaxit has more than 25 clients : La Poste, Norauto, Boulanger, Renault, Crédit Agricole, Carrefour, VINCI, Thales..

«For 2 years, the accompaniment of Via ID has brought us much, on the strategy as on the operational one. They also accompanied us on our lifting by funds, of the comparison with investors until the realization of the deal. Their investments in start-ups with success like Drivy or Smoove their made take an important place in the ecosystem of mobilities and this position crédibilise the whole of the startups of their wallet.»

Julien, Cofounder and CEO of Klaxit

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75 000 daily trips available

8 / 10 employees find relevant carpoolers

+ 60 corporate clients : Renault, La Poste, Crédit Agricole, Carrefour...