Moving-Car is opening a new branch in Paris

Leasing cars without a licence becomes easier !

Located in the centre of the capital, the new Moving-car branch is looking to improve its customer relations by providing personalised mobility solutions, to suit the need of individuals.

The car hire market for people without a licence is currently booming. Whether it is as a substitute vehicle while one’s usual vehicle is unavailable, e.g. for a service, or a mode of transport for those who have temporarily lost their licence, the car for people without a driving licence provides a personalised solution to certain mobility needs, without compromising on safety. Driving a vehicle that does not require a licence allows the user to travel across town without restriction. Enhancing autonomy, "no-licence" cars are a solution to urban mobility, available to anyone over the age of 16 (individuals or businesses), that can be used at any time of the day or night, without restriction. Because of its size, you can weave through town more easily and get into any parking space you want, however narrow.

Founded in the Lille region and currently the leading business in France offering car hire services for people without a driving licence, Moving-Car already has a branch on the rue Nationale in Lille, just a few minutes from the Grand Place, the epicentre of the city. In order to provide an easily available service, Moving Car also opted for a central location when deciding where to put its first Parisian agency.

For Israel de Brito, Managing Director of Moving-car: "Moving-car provides a bespoke solution for all transport needs that is affordable, whether it is required for business or personal purposes. There was plenty of demand in the Paris region, from people who either do not have a driving licence, or who have temporarily lost their licence. That’s why it was clear that we had to open an agency in Paris! The ability to hire a car for a person without a driving licence provides an affordable transport solution to getting around town freely and without restriction".

What’s more, Moving-car is planning to open a second Parisian branch on the south bank by the end of 2012. Lastly, in France, Moving-Car can count on a network of 20 car hire points located in Norauto centres.

For more information on Moving-Car’s services:

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