First store entirely devoted to urban transportation
With the opening of its first concept store in Lille in 2010, Altermove took a step towards delivering simpler, cleaner and more affordable urban mobility solutions. The brand brings together a broad range of solutions and innovative products : scooters and electrically-assisted bikes, stand-up scooters, exclusive parts and accessories for getting around more easily, as well as a multi-brand service and repair workshop.
In order to help customers decide, the brand has developed a Mobility Diagnostic that provides an appraisal of current journeys carried out and suggests alternative transportation options for travelling more wisely.

"Since our launch in 2010, Altermove has been able to provide practical solutions to the issues that everyone faces on a daily basis in the area of mobility. What makes us different is the personalisation of the mobility solutions we can offer thanks to a mobility diagnostic assessment carried out in advance and the broad range of products and services available." Olivier Lourdel, Managing Director of Altermove

Visit Altermove in Lille, in Lyon or at

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