136 new mobility players joining forces to support a sustainable and deconfined mobility ecosystem accessible to all #TogetherForSustainableMobility

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Posted on 13 May 2020

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By accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Mobility Package and announcing a € 20 million plan to facilitate cycling practice, French government emphasizes the importance of citizens’ mobility post confinement. The Covid-19 crisis choked the entire population and it is more than ever an opportunity to change prior habits, change paradigms and move towards cleaner, sustainable and accessible mobility.



Therefore, and aware of health, economical and ecological concerns of the French, a group of startups and corporates from the new mobility urges the government not to stop on such a good path. 136 signatories (including BlaBlacar, Klaxit, Dott, Angell, Cyclofix, Smoove, Geovelo, Pony and Fluctuo) joined the Call of action to promote 5 key measures for a sustainable, accessible and derestricted mobility ecosystem for all.


These measures are the result of a recovery and support plan initiated by Via ID – Mobivia and their startups including no less than 45 measures (available on demand ldegardin(at)via-id.com).

The 5 measures initiated are the following:

  • Secure transport using soft mobility by reducing VAT to 5.5% on all safety accessories (helmets, vests, visibility accessories, anti-theft devices, etc.), such as basic necessities products


  • Facilitate access to 2 wheels EV micro mobility by increasing the bicycle bonus to € 300, with the purchase of new or used device but also with the purchase and / or the installation of EV kits for traditional bikes as well as for taxable persons


  • Accelerate the impact of the Sustainable Mobility Package for home / office transit by making it compulsory, by increasing it to € 800 / year / employee co-financed at 50% by the State in order to make it really cumulative alongside with public transport, therefore multimodal


  • Fight against “one person per car” by promoting carpooling on home / office transit: dedicate priority lanes for carpooling on urban highways, including ads encouraging carpooling, authorize carpooling for employees benefiting from kilometric allowances or having a company car


  • Encourage and support in priority the development of innovations and start-ups with positive impact, in particular via the Energy Saving Certificates by conditioning the financing to the support and concrete results by the measurement and assessment of the environmental, social and / or societal impact of startups




Thanks to our 136 signatories


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You adhere to these measures and wish to involve your organisation?

There are two possibilities for this:

  • Join us by signing the Appel
  • Share this page in your network or thanks to the communication kit (CP, visuals etc)

If you have any questions on this subject, contact us at ldegardin(at)via-id.com

The list of signatories will be updated regularly.