“Ça Roule Raoul”: from French Tech Tremplin to Moove Lab

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Posted on 11 March 2021

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Ça Roule Raoul – the startup that helps you buy your second-hand vehicle – is part of the 200 selected projects at the last French Tech Tremplin edition – the French Tech program dedicated to entrepreneurship development all around France – and will be joining the Moove Lab’s 7th batch, the acceleration program specialised in mobilities co-created by Via ID and the CNPA (NCAP: National Council of Automotive Professions), the only accelerator dedicated to mobility at Station F. 


Ça roule Raoul : the startup that makes the second-hand market reassuring 


Founded in 2019 by Kevin Rodrigues Bastos et Sofiane Harrabi, childhood friends with a common passion for automobiles, Ça Roule Raoul guides individuals through the purchase of a second-hand vehicle. 


How does it work? 


This support service is dedicated to help and advise individuals who don’t know how to proceed to buy a second-hand car and want to avoid scams and hidden defects. 


“We guide and advise them on multiple elements, such as : vehicle type, motorisation, use, mileage, etc. Then, we search for second-hand vehicle ads that match their specifications. Once we find a suitable one, and the client validates it, we appoint a professional – one of our “Raoul” – to control the vehicle based on 250 control points. Finally, we provide them a detailed report on the vehicle’s condition that will allow the client to make a safe and informed decision.” 


Clients know exactly what they buy, every necessary information is brought to them through a trusted third-party : the “Raoul”. “We choose our experts very carefully, we only interview professionals with a recognised qualification: either a degree, or a multiple years of experience in automotive.” Reminds Kevin. 


How did they get the idea? 


The two co-founders worked as auto-entrepreneurs for several months in the second-hand vehicle market: “We already advised individuals and we took care of every step: we searched the car, controlled and delivered it. In a year, we had more than fifteen clients only by word of mouth.” Explains Kevin. 


One vehicle on six being considered as fraudulent, the two founders found that clients needed to be reassured: “We thought that it would be a good idea to bring an automotive professional during the transaction, to avoid frauds and hidden defects. That is how Ça Roule Raoul is born. This process not only reassures the buyer, but the seller as well.”


In the second-hand vehicle market, Ça Roule Raoul is the only actor positioned on the buyer’s side: “Several companies will help you sell a vehicle, control it and put an ad online. However, not all vehicles are eligible, the buyer knows that the company is paid on commission and that its interest is to sell, so he can wonder about the objectivity of the report.” 


Ça Roule Raoul is paid on the negotiation of the vehicle, only if the client chooses to buy it – so only if there is a successful outcome – and supports any type of individual: “Even someone with a recent driving license who has a 2000 euros budget.”  


Next stop: the Moove Lab 


The Moove Lab is the only accelerator dedicated to mobilites based at Station F, the world’s biggest startup campus. Created by the CNPA (NCAP: National Council of Automotive Professions) and Via ID in 2017, its mission is to accelerate the development of mobility startups. In total, 41 projects have already been a part of this personalized support program for a 6 month period, surrounded by a team of experts and with many opportunities to collaborate with the leaders of the industry.  


The  jury for the next batch of the program will happen on march the 23rd, the selected projects will be announced on the 24th, the promotion will begin of april the 6th and will be joined by Ça Roule Raoul’s team, French Tech Tremplin’s finalist. 


Reminder: this initiative allows many projects – all around France – to benefit from professional support in their field in order to accelerate their development. The goal is to help entrepreneurs overcome entrepreneurship’s socio-economic obstacles, at the national level.


During the last French Tech Tremplin edition, the Moove Lab was in the list of programs that could be picked by participating entrepreneurs. An “obvious choice” for the founders of Ça Roule Raoul. 


“The Moove Lab is the accelerator of mobilites, that’s exactly the type of support we were looking for. We saw an opportunity through the French Tech Tremplin, the Moove Lab was a part of it and it was our first choice. It was obvious for us, we had to be there.” 

Kevin Rodrigues Bastos, co-founder & CEO at Ça Roule Raoul

For next 6 months, their team will be guided through the achievement of their number one goal: the extension of their offer at the national level.

“Today our activity is mainly focused in Ile-de-France, which represents 20% of our annual transactions. We want to meet with experts, potential investors, professionals who will help us clarify our process and launch our offer at the national level. Our goal, by the end of 2021, is to be present in all  major french cities.”


Kevin Rodrigues Bastos, co-founder & CEO at Ça Roule Raoul

The startup is currently working on the complete redesign of its platform, as well as on the expansion of its team: “We would like to have more advisers, build an automotive division, to focus on the extension of our offer and increase our reputation.”

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