Felix-Citybird makes its drivers aware of sharing the roadway

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Posted on 18 February 2019

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Felix, French leader of motorcycle taxi in electric scooter, and the association Mon Vélo Est Une Vie, engage through the “Let’s share the roadway” initiative for a more harmonious cohabitation of users on the public road and more respect between users.


Indeed, the road is a public space that belongs to all citizens: scooters, cars, trucks, cyclists and all new forms of urban mobility (scooter, hoverboard, gyroroue etc.) share the same space.


This evolution of practices leads to certain tensions between users. This is why it is essential that all mobility stakeholders learn to live together to contribute to a decongested, less polluted and safer city.


The approach we are initiating aims to make everyone understand that the road is shared in a constructive perspective, without condemning anyone. The aim is to make all users aware that everyone can contribute to reducing risks on the public road by adopting better behaviors, to find a better collective serenity.


Teodoro Bartuccio, founder of the association Mon Vélo Est Une Vie

Empathy is the key for a good training 

Based on this observation, Felix has decided to set up a training course for new drivers of his Felix-Citybird fleet so that they can adopt the good behavior on the road, in the respect of other users.


This half-day training is an essential step in the integration process. It begins with a theoretical part including a first grip of the application driver, the signing of a charter of ethics and good behavior, and the reminder of fundamental gestures.


A practical approach follows, where the drivers are put in situation in the streets of Paris. They slip into the skin of a cyclist and can apply in the ground what they saw during the theoretical part.

Through this experience, they can better understand how cyclists live the urban traffic and what relations they have with the drivers of different motorized vehicles.

At a time when the offer of mobility is growing considerably, tensions between different users arise because everyone sees the same reality – urban mobility – from his own point of view, from his own vehicle. That’s why we took empathy and invited our future drivers to ride a bike.

Thibaut Guérin, Co-founder of Felix



Mon Vélo Est Une Vie

The association was founded in September 2017 by Teodoro Bartuccio and Niels Brouzes, following the death of their friend Grégoire Somogy, on May 26, 2017, an amateur runner overturned by a truck. This was the trigger that led to the creation of the association whose goal is to educate users and to make everyone understand that the road needs to be shared. The objective is to make all users of the road aware of its danger and to regain serenity on the road.



Felix is an app for connecting with drivers in electric scooters. It allows to order a vehicle with driver in a few clicks. Felix’s ambition is to make the electric motor-taxi a service as accessible as the taxi or the VTC in cities more and more congested. Citybird is the reference platform for motorcycle taxi booking in France with one of the largest fleets of partner drivers and a portfolio of 40,000 customers (Bouygues Telecom, SNCF, Air France, SFR etc.). The meeting of the two services within the Felix-Citybird Group gave birth to the first global offer of motorcycle taxi with intra-urban trips made on electric scooters and long-distance trips to airports on Honda Goldwing.