Green On launches MonVelo, a new service offering employees to get a bike w with privileged conditions.

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Posted on 05 November 2019

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Green On, a bicycle-mobility operator in companie and territories, is launching a brand new service, MonVelo, allowing employees to get a bike individually. With this new concept, Green On wishes to change the image we can have of the bike : easier, more comfortable and economical means of transport. This new concept in order to allow as many people as possible to integrate cycling into their daily lives in the workplace.



The new MonVelo offer

Green On launches its MonVelo offer, electric or muscular bicycles available within companies through 3 complementary formulas :

  • the preferential mode : a preferential rate reserved for employees via a discount coupon that can only be used by workers. This formula allows the access to a wide selection of bicycles and a dedicated advisor.


  • The grouped mode : employees have access to highly competitive prices depending on the amount of bicycles acquired within the company. It’s exclusively new equipment from the current year, and not a destocking circuit.


  • The subscription mode : an easy access without any commitment to a wide selection of bicycle for a monthly subscription, with an exchange of the bike after 24 months of rental as well as a preferential price for a possible purchase at the end of the subscription.

For companies, the interest of this new concept is to support employees towards bicycle paths and to help a new means of travel, good for our planet and our wallet, and this without incurring new expenses or human resources. This formula helps the employees in their conversion towards active and smooth modes of travel.


This way, Green On values the use of bicycles in a context where the cyclists are more and more numerous.



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