Heetch raises $20 millions

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Posted on 26 January 2018

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Heetch concluded a $20 millions round with several european VC: Félix Capital (UK), Via ID (FR), Alven (FR), Idinvest Partners (FR) and Allianz’s strategic fund InnovAllianz (UE), to create a more human and social ride-sharing experience in Europe.

Heetch accelerate its growth

Heetch confirms its success and mutation. Launched in September 2013 as a pure P2P ride-sharing platform focusing only on young people trips at night, the service had to shut down in March 2017 due to a court decision. But the company came back with a ride-sharing platform available 24h/24 for all professional drivers in order to compete directly with Uber. It’s new objectif is simple: win market shares over Uber and become the European Lyft.

With this $20 millions fundraising with Félix Capital, Alven, Via- ID, Idinvest Partners and Allianz’s strategic fund InnovAllianz (UE), Heetch wants to double its tech team and accelerate its growth in all its markets.

« We launched Heetch in 2013 with a P2P model. Due to a court decision, our platform evolved with professional drivers in 2017. We were on a nightlife niche market and were forced to leave it to a bigger market. That’s fine, we are now bigger than before getting sentenced. With this fundraising, we’ll be able to create the perfect product for our passengers and drivers! And it’s just a step: we want to beat Uber in Europe. In French, a proverb says : l’appétit vient en mangeant !” says Teddy Pellerin, cofounder.

On the French market, Heetch is already live in 6 cities (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice) and plans to launch in Toulouse, Montpellier and Strasbourg soon. The app is the most downloaded and used after Uber, and the service had known a huge growth since it became available 24h/24 in late October.

“Heetch is an open and human partner for drivers”

Why Heetch is popular in France? The brand breaks all the professional codes and creates a friendly and unique experience. Its goal is to make the ridesharing market more human, especially towards drivers.

« Our DNA is very different from other platforms. For most drivers, ride-sharing platforms look like cold and unbreakable strong-boxes. Heetch is quite the opposite. It’s an open and human partner for drivers: we are available for them, they can meet us, contact us, etc. We work continuously with them in order to create the best environment to make them happy about their job. We now have the means of our ambition which will help us to make this classic strict customer-platform-driver relationship evolve into a true community where everyone understands and respects each other. » says Teddy Pellerin, Heetch cofounder.

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