Here are the 10 winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobility

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Posted on 13 April 2019

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On April 11th, the European Startup Prize for Mobility award ceremony was held in Brussels in the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco. 4 months after the launch of this 2nd edition and after the evaluation of 570 startups, we finally know the name of the 2019 10 winners!

Created to support European start-ups developing innovations in sustainable mobility, the European Startup Prize for mobility is a leading public-private initiative launched by Karima Delli, President of the Transport and Tourism Committee of the European Parliament, and co-founded by the Boston Consulting Group and Via ID.

We envisaged the European Startup Prize for Mobility as a response to global mobility challenges.  An increased number of mobility startups took up the challenge this year, reassuring us in our belief that Europe can be the continent for innovation and helping our talent to work towards a better quality of life for all.

Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism, who launched the initiative.




Nine startups were selected from among 571 candidates following an extensive assessment process. For the first time, a European public vote was used to select the tenth winner. This title has been awarded to K-Ryole, a French provider of the first intelligent electric bike trailer. The ten startups won a Silver Prize and will take part in a European tour of five major technology hubs to meet investors and future clients. These are: EUSP New Mobility Summit in Brussels, Vivatech in Paris, ITS Europe in Brainport, New Mobility World in Frankfurt and Smart City World Congress in Barcelona.


Out of the 10 winners, 5 ‘’super winners’’ were selected to win the Gold Prize by a panel of European experts from the mobility sector. The ‘’super winners’’ have won a mentoring programme with Boston Consulting Group and law firms Grimaldi Studio Legale and Parallel Avocats.

Due to the diversity and maturity of the projects, the second edition of the European Startup Prize for mobility is a strong indication of a dynamic mobility market in Europe. As the prize co-founder and coordinator of the startup selection process, we are delighted to contribute to the revolution of the European mobility ecosystem, which will create the leaders of tomorrow


explains Jean-François Dhinaux, Via ID Strategy Director and prize co-founder


Here are the 10 winners of the 2019 edition:



Cargoroo, Netherlands – shared e-cargo bikes – Netherlands – Winner of the Silver Prize

Cargoroo offers shared electric cargo bikes in neighbourhoods of urban environments. Our shared e-cargo bikes are an essential ingredient to the mobility mix of tomorrow and are the solution to moving kids and cargo around town. By doing so we provide a fun, healthy, sustainable and fast alternative to car ownership and city logistics.




OpenAirlines, France – eco-flying fuel cost killer – France – Winner of the Silver Prize

Air Travel could account for 25% of global warming by 2050 and fuel is the key expense of airlines, representing 30% of their spending. We invented SkyBreathe®, an eco-flying solution based on Big Data that reduces 2 to 5% of fuel consumption without any modification to the aircraft. Using an extensive collection of flight data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, SkyBreathe® software provides guidance and a series of recommended actions to help pilots lower fuel use. This digital solution has an already proven impact: last year, it helped 30+ airlines save 100 million of US dollars and 400 000 tons of CO2.




Blickfeld, Germany – provider of cutting-edge LiDAR technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications – Germany – Winner of the Silver Prize

The company has developed proprietary LiDAR technology based on patented silicon MEMS mirrors and commercial off-the-shelf components. The Blickfeld LiDAR product family meets the highest performance requirements at the cost and size needed for mass market adoption. Due to its range of configurable features, the Blickfeld LiDAR technology provides solutions for multiple use-cases. Blickfeld’s team is made up of experienced professionals with renowned expertise in the fields of electronics, optics, MEMS and software.




Einride, Sweden – all-electric autonomous vehicles services – Sweden – Winner of the Gold Prize

Einride provides transportation as a service, based on all-electric, autonomous vehicles, or “T-pods”. The T-pod (and the T-log, designed for timber) is a no driver cab but can be remote-controlled by an operator when appropriate. No driver transportation means increased loading capacity, greater flexibility, increased safety, lower operating costs, and optimized energy consumption, allowing the T-pod to run solely on batteries, reducing CO2 emissions very substantially.




TWAICE, Germany – predictive battery analytics software – Germany – Winner of the Gold Prize

TWAICE supports enterprises across industries with predictive battery analytics software based on digital twins. We empower our customers to develop and use battery systems more efficiently and sustainably while making them more reliable and durable. Precise predictions of battery conditions and aging significantly optimize battery development and use. Exact determination of current condition also enables certification of batteries for reuse and 2nd life. TWAICE was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Technical University of Munich and is headquartered in Munich.



Shotl, Spain – mobility platform for public transport operators – Spain – Winner of the Gold Prize

Shotl is a mobility platform for transport operators, municipalities, corporations and business parks that matches multiple passengers headed in the same direction with a moving vehicle. Shotl is a mobility software (driver and user app and control panel) that helps public transport operators automatically manage and dispatch efficient on-demand transportation services. The solution has been conceived to supplant inefficient bus lines and special transport services that incur very high costs (as people with reduced mobility or PRM), and turn them into new, flexible and dynamic transport services that are able to adapt to demand in real-time.




Karhoo, UK – global marketplace for Taxi and PHV/VTC – UK – Winner of the Gold Prize

Karhoo is the first global marketplace for Taxi and PHV/VTC. We connect thousands of fleets and their 100s of thousands of drivers to some of the largest customer-facing companies. Whether you are SNCF looking to allow your train travellers to plan their commute from and to train stations across all of France, or wishing to provide your clients with transfers to their hotels in 100s of world-wide destinations, Karhoo allows you, through one contract, one integration and one bill, to accomplish your goals. Karhoo is a positive disrupter, enabling existing actors to transact more widely and efficiently. We believe we provide a responsible path to the new mobilities.





Cityscoot, France – free floating electric scooters – France – Winner of the Silver Prize

Cityscoot is leading the European scooter sharing market. The company started operating 150 free floating electric scooters in Paris in June 2016. Since then, it has progressively extended its fleet to 5000 scooters in Paris, Nice, Milan and Rome (summer 2019). The user identifies in the app an available scooter nearby, books it free of charge for 10 minutes, then unlocks it with a four-digit code. The service includes a comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure safe rentals. Cityscoot is the only operator that has developed its own software and hardware technology.



Geovelo, France – software platform for cyclists – France – Winner of the Gold Prize

Geovelo is a cycling focused software platform, providing a Navigation & Tracking Software that offers features such as real-time GPS navigation, with the possibility to report issues during a ride and check availability of free-floating bikes nearby. The company also provides a dashboard allowing municipalities to access data so as to follow and increase the use of bicycles in the cities.




K-Ryole, France – electric bike trailer – France – Winner of the Public Vote

K-Ryole is the first painless, electric bike trailer which can carry a load up to 250 kg, securely and without any additional effort, as if there was nothing behind the bicycle. K-Ryole is a breakthrough innovation in city logistics and last mile delivery, enabling a new zero-emission delivery service for congested and polluted cities. It replaces the often-inefficient vans with better suited options for each step in the urban delivery process.