Insider’s tips to apply to the European startup prize for mobility

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Posted on 11 March 2020

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As an investor in new mobility startups and co-founders of the EUSP, Via ID has a strong experience in analyzing startups. Here are some tips to apply!

1. Complete the form entirely: the more information you give about your startup and your KPIs, the more chance you’ll get to be evaluated at best.


2. Share your best pitch in video: a good 1mn pitch is worth a thousand words. Show the evaluators you have the right project with the right team and the right execution.


3. Your singularity makes you win: explain us why you are so unique in the market!


4. Europe will be your playground: show us how the EUSP and its partners could be a real booster for your startup to accelerate.


5. Never give up! If you applied to the last editions, show us the improvement you made and how you grow! You’ll have all your chance and even more because you’ve already done the job previously.


6. Think greener, think smarter: Highlight your commitment in sustainable development, it could be a positive impact on environment, for your users, clients, employees, citizens in general.  And the EUSP offers you the best occasion ever to measure your sustainable KPIs. It will be helpful for your next fundraising and you might benefit from public and European allocations funds.

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