Mobility Club Launching Event

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Posted on 05 June 2018

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Their were no such a better place than Vivatech to launch the Mobility Club.


Among innovative modes of transport presented at Vivatech, Mobility Club partners had the occasion to test the sea bubbles presented as a zero wave, zero noise, zero emission solution. They were launched by Alain Thebault et Anders Bringdal two years ago with the following leitmotiv Let’s make our cities flow again”.


Fascinated by the sea, both founders decided to use their passion for common good. They truly believe in the power of waterways to tackle the issue of congestion in crowded cities. As an example you need 25 minutes with a car to go from Tate Museum to The City in London whereas the bubble taxi can make it in 8 minutes.



To launch the project, the company is now focused on the private market due to the low entrance barriers. The first twenty bubbles are available for pre-order for 140.000 euros. They wish to work in a long term with operators for the mass market. That’s the reason why next fundraising is dedicated to industrialize the existing bubble model as well as to prototype new models such as a bubble bus. 



                            Alain Thebault – Anders Bringdal – Bertrand Piccard

The discovery of the sea bubbles was quite unique as among Mobility Club invitees we were lucky enough to welcome Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse inventor. He offered us a unique moment with a private Sea Bubbles flight. This moment was mythic gathering Bertrand Piccard, Alain Thebault as well as Anders Bringdal.



The dinner around Bertrand Piccard, Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal led to further discussion. It seems that the Mobility Club should live around inspiring people and unifying experiences to create a community.


Thanks to all members who contribute to make it a memorable evening.