Mobility Club, what happened in 2018?

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Posted on 18 December 2018

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The Mobility Club is a tool fully dedicated to International Corporate Ventures and Open Innovation departments that wish to get operational insights about mobility and smart city as well as to identify potential deals with worldwide startups in a private club. The launch year gave us the occasion to gather key stakeholders from the mobility ecosystem. Among them, we should mention: Bridgestone, Shell, Transdev, Europcar Mobility Group, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Unibail-Rodamco, D’ieteren, Colas, Tomtom, Airbus…



>Let’s fly with Sea Bubbles (VIP Dinner – 24.05.2018) 

Among innovative modes of transport presented at Vivatech, Mobility Club partners had the occasion to test sea bubbles presented as a zero wave, zero noise, zero emission solution. They were launched by Alain Thebault et Anders Bringdal two years ago with the following leitmotiv “Let’s make our cities flow again”. The discovery of the sea bubbles was quite unique as among Mobility Club invitees we were lucky enough to welcome Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse inventor. He offered us a unique moment with a private Sea Bubbles flight. This moment was mythic gathering Bertrand Piccard, Alain Thebault as well as Anders Bringdal.



> Strategic paths to MaaS (Workshop – 12.07.2018) 

Key stakeholders were gathered among the table.  During the workshop, BCG analysis gave us tools to go deeper into the topic. Concrete experimentations were also relevant to exchange views. That is the reason why Via Id, Transdev and Lab Box could share feedback and experiences. It was a key moment to deepen strategic alliances, business models and public authorities role.

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>Traffic Management at Copenhagen (18.09.2018) 

The ITS World Congress rotates between Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Americas, returning to Copenhagen this year. The Congress provides the ideal opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business. Via ID was happy enough to gather Mobility Club members for a cocktail. 




> Disrupting mobility with Free Floating services (Workshop – 18.10.2018) 

Do you know that a 10 km ride in a mini scooter is more expensive than in a car? Free-floating services are game changers for the mobility market. Flooding in our cities, they disrupt modes, usages and territories. During the Autonomy Summit, free-floating services were on the agenda. The Mobility Club invited Allianz and Europcar Mobility Group to share their viewpoints about the subject.

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> The data playing field (Workshop – 22.11.2018) 

How can data optimize traffic management? Thanks to Wavestone, Tomtom and Egis intervention, we could overcome this problem. It was a clever moment to tackle the following questions :

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> The Hyperloop, a major breakthrough (VIP Dinner – 04.12.2018) 

Thanks to Gerard Feldzer warm hospitality, we gathered Mobility Club members to go further in the Hyperloop project. Alexandre Zisa, Hyperloop TT Head of France gives us key insights to discover the backstage of this innovative project.


Dear members, thanks for making it happen and we wish you a happy new year! Stay tuned for 2019 with our agenda.