Parkki makes its first fundraising to export its solution internationally

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Posted on 19 November 2018

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First fundraising for Parkki

Parkki completes a € 1 million raise with investors Via ID and Finovam Gestion to export its smart parking solution internationally.


Created in septembre 2016, Parkki, the startup specialized in « smart parking » quickly joined the Via ID incubator. The goal of the company is simple: help parking managers optimize their parking space thanks to a decision support software.


After several years of R&D, the monitoring platform designed by Parkki now allows to interface with all “Smart Parking” sensor technologies (from the simple barrier to more complex parking sensors). It also incorporates its patented proprietary technology that was unveiled at CES Las Vegas 2018 : a sensor positioned on the street lighting analyzing the parking 100m around him.


In march 2018, the company carries out its first life-size experiments on the metropolis of Rennes. The results were more than convincing and it is logical that Via ID decides to accelerate Parkki.


Strategic issues for the territories

Parking is worth gold and it’s data as well. Beyond allowing the optimization of parking which leads to manage most often a shortage in urban center, this data can be transformed into an opportunity with high added value for many actors. It allows for example to provide for cash passes, airport controls, privileged access for certain users … That’s what seduced us in the Parkki project.


Jean-François Dhinaux, Director of Strategic Marketing and Synergies of Via ID

Today, Parkki completes its first fundraising of one million euros to create the first multi-technology platform dedicated to intelligent and connected parking. The goal is to accelerate its commercialization and to develop quickly in the parking lots of major European urban centers such as Germany, Sweden or the United Kingdom.


With the support of Via ID and Finovam Gestion, we are able to expand the team in order to achieve ambitious goals. Optimizing the management of parking lots is necessary for cities, shopping centers, airports, etc. At Parkki, we want to revolutionize the management of parking lots for all these players and make smart parking inescapable. We aim to expand to more than 25,000 parking spaces in 2019 in France and abroad.


Pierre-Julien Harbonnier, CEO of Parkki

Indeed, the problem of parking is a strategic subject. Today, parking managers have little or no data on their car park, which makes comprehension and optimization impossible. Making smart parking is a real issue for the territories in order to evolve in coherence with the mobilities of tomorrow.