Summer Sprint Incubation Program: up to date

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Posted on 17 July 2019

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It’s been three weeks since the Summer Sprint program has begun, the opportunity for us to make an update and see the progressof the 3 startups. 


Fluctuo, TEEbike and Trackap have already benefited from the advice of our experts during various workshops organized in our Paris offices and at Station F.



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July 02 : onboarding

During their onboarding, the startups had the chance to benefit from the intervention of Nicolas d’Haussy, serial entrepreneur and founder of Zouzoucar. He shared his experience of design thinking that he was able to acquire during his training at Stanford. The opportunity for the 3 incubees to face the needs of their users. 


The incubees have also been able to work on their MVP (minimum viable product), in order to test and improve their product / service. One of the incubees told us “It forced me to reconsider our product exit strategy and get out of our comfort zone.

People do not buy a product, they buy a better version of themselves. 

Nicolas d’Haussy, founder of Zouzoucar

Yann Marteil, CEO of Via ID also shared his entrepreneurial experience and advice. The French market is a complicated market, and according to him, it is relevant to think quickly about a strategy of internationalization, which implies decisive technical choices. In addition, he explained that the entrepreneurs’ journey is a marathon, where you have to keep the horizon in sight, focus on your project and surround yourself with professional that can help you when necessary.

Entrepreneurs have a relationship with time and psychology somewhat atypical, you will work, eat and sleep your startup, you will be involved at 1000%. So you have to be resilient and learn to bounce back from hard times.


Yann Marteil, CEO of Via ID

July 4th: Posture and Leadership Workshop 

During the second session, the incubees were able to practice in the elevator pitch. Franck Louesdon, co-founder of My Curiosity Experience gave them his advice to develop a leadership posture. But they also shared the keys to test their entrepreneurial posture and put themselves in a position to develop their active listening. Finally, they were able to address Simon Sinek’s Why and work on everyone’s WHY, namely the raison d’être of companies.


atelier berangere

July 9th and 16th: Value Proposition Workshop 

Adelaide de Couëssin, Partnership Manager at Via ID shared with Fluctuo, TEEBike and Trackapp our vision of MaaS (Mobility as a Service). She talked about the strategies of the main players, the different levels of maturity and the prospects of market evolution.


Bérengère Lehembre, startup coach and founder of the Ysé brand, accompanied entrepreneurs for 2 days on the definition of their value proposition, including the identification of needs, desires and suffering of their customers. They were then able to test their proposal with beta testers and identify the essential features of their product. 

What's next ?

The Summer Sprint Incubation Program is in full swing throughout the summer, and many workshops are planned to help these entrepreneurs moving forward. Role models, experts and mentors will be at their side to share their know-how and experience. The program includes workshops on growth hacking, definition of a good marketing strategy, financing, etc.

Stay tuned to discover the rest of the Summer Sprint program!