Reparcar joins the Moove Lab: towards the democratization of used parts within the auto repair industry

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Posted on 30 April 2021

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Reparcar – the marketplace of used car parts for individuals and (soon) professionals – is one of the 10 startups that recently joined the Moove Lab’s 7th batchthe mobility & autotech focused accelerator program, co-founded by the CNPA and Via ID – to conquer the B2B market.


Reparcar : a marketplace of accessible and safe used car parts 


Co-founded in March 2017 by Stéphane Brault-Scaillet and Alexandre Gauthier – who met on school benches, having since then the ambition to build a project together – Reparcar is a quality used car parts marketplace, for individuals and professionals. Their goal: simplify the access to used car parts. 


Today, a 5 years old vehicle has lost more than 60% of its original value. There is then no reason to point in include new parts when repairing them:

“We would like to ease the buying of circular economy parts, make it as simple as the purchase of a new one. Our ambition is to gather, on our marketplace, the quality offer of French automotive dismantling centers that have the human and material resources to ship a used part in 48 hours, all around France.”

Stéphane Brault-Scaillet, Co-founder

Reparcar plays the role of a trusted third party, allowing its customers to get used parts quickly and safely. In fact, every part is controlled – by the manufacturers – and guaranteed for at least 6 months. The startup has also set up a customer service, so they can contact them at any time if they need guidance before the purchase, while choosing the part, and after the sale on the questions of delivery, shipping, etc. 


How did they get the idea? 


“During summer 2016, I needed to change the taillights on my dad’s car and couldn’t do it myself with used parts. This led to a feeling of frustration and a desire for entrepreneurship. That’s how Reparcar was born.” Stephane Brault-Scaillet, Co-founder. 


In order to simplify access to used parts, Reparcar also provides digital tools to ease the research: “Unlike other platforms, we do not present a large offer. Indeed, we propose – thanks to our algorithm – the best quality-price one so that the customer can have the most efficient user experience possible.” 


The startup’s growth is important and linked to the continuous development of circular economy in all types of sectors: “The desire to consume smarter and at a low cost is strong. A used car part is 70% cheaper than a new one – at the manufacturer’s price – for an individual. For a garage owner, there’s an opportunity to build customer loyalty by giving them access to cheaper and more suitable offers.” 


The Moove Lab: on the way to the B2B market! 


Reparcar first tackled the B2C market and now wishes to approach a professional target: “The Moove Lab is an accelerator and also an important network. For us, it’s an opportunity to adjust our product according to the needs of the B2B market and repair professionals. This year, our goal is to be able to find the best solutions for professionals so that reuse becomes the priority.” Stephane Brault-Scaillet, Co-founder. 


The startup wants to reach the B2B market, to introduce its solution and put its technological know-how to the benefit of historical players in the automotive after-sales industry’s various areas, in order to strengthen the circular economy: “We have reached our product market fit for individuals. With a 20% growth per month, we have entered the B2C market as we hoped to. Today, we want to bring solutions to repair professionals. Indeed, despite the 2017 law on energy transition – whose decree came out in April 2019 – garage owners still have difficulties in presenting quotes that include parts from circular economy.” 


In addition to its goal of entering the B2B market in 2021, Reparcar also has ambitions to sell on a European scale – to individuals and professionals – by allowing its retailers to ship abroad.

“What we also expect from the Moove Lab experience is the possibility to share with other startups. Being at Station F, immersed with other entrepreneurs who focus on the same subjects, the same universe, is a chance for us to share and receive.”

Stéphane Brault-Scaillet, Co-founder