Transition-One, the electric retrofit of thermal vehicles

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Posted on 22.11.21
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Transition-One, le rétrofit électrique de véhicules thermiques

Transition-One produces clean, virtuous and sustainable mobility solutions to fight global warming and contribute to the end of fossil fuel use. 

The startup designs a retrofit unit, adapted to existing vehicles in the fleet, consisting of an electric powertrain and a battery pack. It transforms thermal vehicles into electric ones in an industrial process, thus reducing the overproduction and pollution caused by our mobility.

With the tightening of regulations at European and French level, and the implementation of mobility EPZs in urban areas, several million people will not be able to drive their vehicles. Retrofitting is one of the immediate answers. Their solution is aimed at individuals, professionals, fleet managers and local authorities. 

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CO2 saved per 10,000 km driven