Partnership signature between Swiftly and SMRT to pursue its development in Asia

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Posted on 21 September 2020

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Swiftly, the first Big Data platform dedicated to public transports, accelerated for more than 3 years by Via ID, announces its stratégic partnership with SMRT, the main operator of multimodal transports in Singapore, to accelerate its expansion in Asia.


SMRT serves more than one million passengers trips everyday by bus, train, taxi and other public and private transportation services. The investment of SMRT in Swiftly (via SMRT Ventures), as well as this strategic partnership, were established to provide innovative technologies and new business models in the field of urban transport. 


Swiftly has created the first platform specifically designed for data management and operations of public transport operators. Unlike existing transport softwares, Swiftly leverages voluminous datas and sophisticated algorithms to improve the efficiency of public transport’s operations and the user experience. In addition, the platform includes a suite of APIs that enable public transport networks to connect and integrate services with other transportation modes. 


The startup has experienced a fast growth and has more than doubled in 12 months.



“We are delighted to partner with SMRT, as we seek to accelerate our growth in Asia”, said Jonathan Simkin, CEO & Co-founder of Swiftly. “Beyond growth, one of our key goals at Swiflty is to build a transportation community where we share best practices we see around the world. We are delighted to be able to include SMRT and Singapore in this network to expand our reach”. 

“As a long-term partner and investor in Swiftly, we help them, like all the other startups of our portfolio, to realize their vision as quickly as possible and make urban mobility more efficient and more sustainable around the world.” Xavier Gury, International investment director at Via ID. “Thanks to our international set-up, we are pleased to set up this partnership between SMRT and Swiftly. SMRT is a perfect partner for Swiftly which is expanding in Asia, one of the most dynamic regions with the fastest growing in the world.”