Smoove & Zoov team up and announce a new commun mobility offer

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Posted on 31 March 2021

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Smoove – the leader in the self-service bike market – and Zoov – the technological benchmark in the self-service e-bike market – have teamed up. This new entity  will combine 15 years of experience and innovation to “become the leader in active mobility and to serve sustainable cities”.



Smoove & Zoov : two mobility and innovation actors  


Born from a family’s passion for cycling, Smoove was created in 2008. As a designer and supplier of self-service bikes, the company has now, in it’s 15 years in existence, rolled out more than 50,000 electric and mechanical bikes around the world. The company operates in a total of 23 cities including Moscow, Vancouver, Helsinki, Lima and Paris – the largest bike-sharing service in the world, with more than 360,000 subscribers and up to 215,000 trips per day.


Zoov was created in 2017 by Eric Carreel, a successful multi-entrepreneur (Inventel, Withings,  Invoxia, etc.), Arnaud Le Rodallec and Amira Haberah. In just a few years, Zoov has become  the technological benchmark for self-service e-bikes thanks to connected, efficient and reliable e-bikes, as well as the world’s most compact and lightweight charging station.

“The partnership with Smoove gives us the opportunity to execute a large-scale roll out of the technology we have been developing for almost 4 years now. We are very excited about this prospect.”

Arnaud Le Rodallec, CEO of Zoov.

The Smoove-Zoov alliance: an “electric, innovative, robust, adaptable and complete” offer


“With Zoov, we combine market access with experience and a technological platform.” explains Ludovic Bertrand, Chairman of Smoove and Head of Two Wheel & Urban Micromobility Business at Mobivia Via ID.


Together, Smoove and Zoov will be able to support a large number of cities, meeting their needs, making bikes accessible and contributing to sustainable and integrated mobility. How? Through their innovative range of bike-sharing technologies. “We believe that fleet electrification is the way to increase bike use.” Their goal: to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport by 60% by 2050.


“We are passionate about working hand in hand with medium and large cities. Cycling needs to be developed everywhere if we want to make an impact. Zoov’s technologies are revolutionary as they significantly reduce investment and operating costs. Together with our expertise with local authorities, they will enable us to make self-service more profitable and easier to implement, while opening the door to additional uses.” – Benoit Yameundjeu, CEO of Smoove.


They can already offer connected self-service systems, with or without a station. In addition, Smoove and Zoov are currently working on the development of other offers based on their expertise – relying on local production, and therefore responsible – they should be revealed during 2021.

“This alliance perfectly matches Mobivia’s original goal of making sustainable mobility accessible to all. It strengthens our ability to support the transition to active mobility in the cities of tomorrow.”

Ludovic Bertrand, Chairman of Smoove and Head of Two Wheel & Urban Micromobility Business at Mobivia Via ID