Vroomly Parts: the spare parts comparator takes over Originauto’s activity

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Posted on 06 October 2021

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Vroomly PartsVroomly’s spare parts comparator – takes over Originauto’s business – a pioneer in spare parts sales – and strengthens its presence in the spare parts market.


Pièce Détachée, Vroomly


Vroomly Parts, the platform that shakes up the spare parts market


In just 4 years, Vroomly has over 3,850 workshops. Created in 2017, the startup has developed 2 services: 



In one year, the platform has an average monthly basket of 800€ and generates more than 3M€ of turnover.


Why Vroomly Parts takes over from Originauto ? 


Originauto, founded in 2014 and acquired in 2018 by Mobivia, is ceasing operations and proposes its interested customers to join Vroomly Parts, which:  


The platform accelerates its strategy on the B2B spare parts market. Indeed, Vroomly Parts has seduced its professional target and achieved very good results in less than a year, thanks to its complete offer and a service that fits the demand. Its goal is to reach a turnover of 15 million euros by 2022.

“Vroomly Parts and Originauto had a similar vision of the market since the beginning. By switching to Vroomly Parts, our historical customers will find a spare parts purchase service without commitment, with free shipping and return. But also unique advantages.”

Alexandre Douchez, Originauto.com leader