Altermove, the e-bike retail specialist

Pollution peaks, car traffic congestion, urban incentive policies, whatever the motivation, means of soft mobility are booming amongst the French population.

With this in mind, Altermove intends to be a travel facilitator and provides a range of alternative and complementary solutions to traditional car usage; its main focus being the electrical vehicleS: bicycle electric assist, folding bikes, electric scooters, accessories and equipment, electric drive and smart boards.

Created in 2010, the Altermove network today has 12 stores in France (Paris, Lille, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux and Orléans) and also offers its products online at

The Altermove solutions target both individuals and professionals (sale and leasing solutions). 

14 stores and 1 mobile mechanical workshop in France
15 000 references
200 m2 of surface in city center
Accelerated since

october 2010

Stephane Baillet, CEO of Altermove

Altermove actively participates in the transformation of urban and peri-urban mobility by offering a complete range of electrical solutions. Belonging to Via ID, allows us at the same time to profit from the competence of experts but also to share and to exchange with other actors of the new mobility.