Citeazy, your workplace mobility companion


The start-up has developed a journey-sharing smartphone app for employees to plan commute journeys by foot, by public transport or bicycle, in order to promote ecomobility, conviviality and safety. Office neighbours meet and become better acquainted with one another, whilst feeling a sense of security during their home-workplace journeys.

‘Citeazers’ can also exchange information about potential traffic incidents in real-time! The tool is integral to QWL/employer brand approaches, improving the quality of the work environment, the integration of new employees and the attractiveness of the site.

6 months on the market
3 clients listed in the CAC 40 stock market index
3 employees
Incubated from

september 2017 to

march 2018

Alma Guirao, Founder of Citeazy

Via ID will offer extensive expertise in terms of the mobility of tomorrow and support us in our commercial, as well as strategic, development