Drivy, the n°1 peer-to-peer car rental service in Europe


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Created in 2010, Drivy enables drivers to rent a car from nearby car owners, or to rent out their own vehicle at a cheaper cost than traditional rental agencies.

Drivy offers an affordable, reliable and secure service that aims to optimise the use of the available vehicle fleet in Europe. The start-up offers its members an entirely smartphone-based experience, right from reserving a car to signing the rental contract, and has recently launched Drivy Open: a technology that enables drivers to unlock vehicles using their smartphone, without ever meeting the owner.

1.5 million members in France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Belgium, UK
2 million days of rentals since the beginning of Drivy in 2010
45,000 cars everywhere in Europe
Accelerated since

april 2015

Paulin , Founder of Drivy

Via ID is a valued shareholder, due to strategic advice from the managing director, operational support provided by Mobivia and a mindset focused more on entrepreneurship than financial supervision, which is characteristic of our collaboration.