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Created in 2010 by Paulin Dementhon, Drivy is the leading car-sharing platform in Europe with a total of 50,000 cars shared in 6 countries and a community of 2 million users.


The app allows city-dwellers who do not own a car to book one at the front of their doors, and in an instant, to open it with their smartphone and use it for a few hours or a few days. The fleet of Drivy cars is sourced from individuals wishing to cover their car costs and professional fleet managers who invest in mobility.


Drivy’s mission is to bring a breath of fresh air to city-dwellers by giving them simplified access to the shared car, making it more convenient to use than owning it.

The Drivy team has 140 employees in offices in Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and London.

2 million members in France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Belgium, UK
6 countries where we are present: France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, UK
50,000 cars everywhere in Europe
Accelerated since

april 2015

Paulin , Founder of Drivy

Via ID is a valued shareholder, due to strategic advice from the managing director, operational support provided by Mobivia and a mindset focused more on entrepreneurship than financial supervision, which is characteristic of our collaboration.