Green On, B2B & B2G bike solution provider


Pioneer of e-bike sharing among company employees, Green On is a tailor-made bike project operator that works with local authorities, companies, tourism industry players and their users.


Our core business involves designing, supplying and managing shared or allocated bike fleets. We offer a comprehensive range of services which include maintenance, insurance, usage reporting along with bike equipment installation. Our aim: to make cycling easier, more comfortable and more affordable for the user whether going about their everyday life or on holiday.

60 systems in operation
500 electric bikes in circulation
10 000 users
Incubated since

february 2012

François , Cofounder Green On

More than just an investor, Via ID has a crucial supporting role as regards Green On’s successful development. For 5 years, we have had a top performing team thanks to its advice, networks and human qualities. Via ID leaves the responsibility of time and control to entrepreneurs who have joined it to fulfill their mission, whilst knowing they are being guided to take the best actions.