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Heetch is the French platform that connects professional drivers and passengers since March 2017. Heetch breaks codes by providing a more humane and more accessible alternative for users and drivers.


Heetch has the lowest market commission, providing one of the best incomes for its drivers and working to improve their working conditions by ensuring greater transparency of market players and deploying new social innovations. It is also the platform that allows drivers today to participate in its future and benefit from it through innovative share ownership.

+ 2 000 000 users
600 000 monthly trips
13 cities Paris, Lyon, Lille, Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, Casablanca etc.
Accelerated since

january 2014

Teddy , Cofounder

Via ID was the first investor to have confidence in us and to join the Heetch adventure. In addition to the purely financial aspect, we were lucky enough to be continuously backed and supported by the energies of Via ID and Mobivia with regard to various business issues and public relations; the Managing Director of Via ID was even nicknamed the “4th co-founder” by some of our other investors 😉