Hopways, the long-awaited solution for children’s mobility


Hopways is a completely safe service for making children’s travel easier.


Children’s mobility is a market that is still largely unexplored but is growing rapidly: there are 630,000 children in the Paris region who regularly travel between their school and their extra-curricular activities.


Making sure your children get to their extra-curricular activities will no longer be a chore for you. Now, a specialised pool of taxis for children is at your service, accompanied by a car-pooling platform for parents living in the same area. Privatise or share, your children’s travel in complete safety.

35 drivers present in Paris and Toulouse
2 000 parents use the website
20 days a year spent accompanying their children
Incubated from

april 2017 to

march 2018

Anne Buffetaud, co-founder

Via ID are the experts in mobility. Thanks to their expertise, support and strategic consulting, we can move forward with our project. We are fortunate to be able to call on the synergy created between Via ID and the other companies assisted by the business incubator in addressing urban mobility issues.”