Lyko, the car-sharing app dedicated to airport links


Lyko is the number one network for regular car-sharing routes dedicated to journeys to and from airports.


Thanks to regular routes and its numerous pick-up zones, passengers benefit from a cost-effective, practical and user-friendly solution. As for drivers, by offering their free seats on the platform, Lyko enables them to write off expenses incurred (for fuel, tolls, parking…), and avoid any detours.

July 2018 Launch of the service in Lyon
+5 000 users
9 000 carpool places available
Incubated since

september 2017

Laurent Bouzon, Co-founder & CEO

Thanks to its extensive experience in the field of new mobility, Via ID – Mobivia knew how to challenge us so that we were able to comply with a value creation strategy. Its credibility and professionalism has enabled us to incorporate a favourable, powerful ecosystem into our development. Work and sharing is the pedestal of values which brings together Via ID and Lyko.