Migo, aggregator for on-demand rides


Based in Seattle, the American start-up has developed a true discovery platform for people to find their best way from A to B using real-time meta search. Migo is on the forefront of making Mobility as a Service (‘MaaS’) a reality to consumers worldwide by making all personal transportation options, including car share, ride share and taxis and others visible and accessible via a single interface.


Migo launched a private beta in Seattle in April and has already connected customers with a great ride option over 1600 times.  Migo makes the discovery and use of personal transportation options easy by letting users hail and pay for a ride all from within the Migo app. www.getmigo.com!

178 companies operating world-wide either providing transportation services or infrastructure
+15 e-Hail options in most major / secondary metro areas
40% of smartphone-enabled transportation options launched between 2015 and 2016
Accelerated since

october 2017

Jeff Warren, CEO

The opportunities in mobility as a service (MaaS) are incredibly varied and dynamic as you go around the world. As we built our seed round I especially wanted an investor with a global view and deep knowledge of how the mobility markets work differently depending on where you are. Via-ID is just such a partner, and I am incredibly honored to have them on my board.