Parkki, the parking space detection and measurement system for urban areas

Thanks to sensors installed on street lighting and the ability to analyse 50m wide parking spaces on both sides of the road, PARKKI reduces city traffic by indicating available parking spaces to drivers.

The installation of Parkki will also provide authorities and operators of parking zones with accurate, reliable data concerning the use of their fleet, on both a temporary and permanent basis.

The system will also establish a network of autonomous sensors in urban areas, which will transmit various information useful for smart cities (air pollution, noise pollution, traffic etc.).

30 minutes wasted on average every day by motorists searching for a parking space
16 spaces analysed per sensor
March 2017 First installation on public space
Incubated to

september 2016 to

march 2018

Accelerated since

march 2018

Pierre-Julien , CEO of Parkki

A major player in mobility, Via ID is the chosen environment for our company’s initial steps. The incubator offers us support to better understand the sector, and to meet and work alongside its major players.