Ridy, simplified bike repair


Ridy serves the urban cyclists who wish an assistance for their daily routes place of home-office.


Like Uber, Drivy or Airbnb, Ridy revolutionizes bike repair by simplifying as much as possible the approach of the customer and by providing a service on demand and personalized.


Without having to move and in three stages only (choice of the place, the time and the desired type of repair), the customer programs the repair of his bicycle on ridy.fr. Once ordered, he just has to wait the repairer who comes to him.


Ridy is a service available in Paris and close to the suburbs for individuals but also for companies wanting to include cycling in their CSR policy.

15 % It’s the objective of modal share of the bicycle of Paris by 2020
500 000 number of active French people who go to work by bicycle in 2016
4 Bicycles fans compose the Ridy team and are ready to take up all challenges!
Incubated from

june 2016 to

june 2017

Philippe , CEO of Ridy

Ridy wants to reconsider the transport modes and mainly the mobility around the bicycle. Via ID is a partner of choice to help us to understand the challenges of this sector, to meet the actors of the mobility of tomorrow and to put ourselves in posture to bring a suitable service.