Smoove, bike hire scheme specialist Smoove makes sustainable mobility easier


Smoove designs, manufactures and installs self-service bike hire solutions and mobility services as part of multimodal solutions for cities and companies.

Smoove is the only company to offer highly-innovative bikes with on-board technology and a patented security system that makes their bikes highly secured. With the support of members of the Smovengo group (Indigo, Moventia and Mobivia), as of January 2018, the start-up is to supply the Greater Paris Metropolis with over 20 000 Vélib new-generation bikes, 30% of which will be smart bikes. Smoove is becoming the world leader in self-service, e-bike hire systems.

+ 26 cities in the world
8,800 shared bicycles
715 bicycles stations
Accelerated since

september 2015

Laurent , Founder and CEO

It has become clear that Via ID is the ideal investor, certainly in terms of bringing capital, but also in terms of providing a powerful network of businesses and expertise within Mobivia. This participation will enable us to achieve 4 fundamental strategic objectives.