Teebike reinvents the wheel to shape the electric mobility of tomorrow


It is by discovering bicycle breaks in which pile up thousands of byciclettes that Laurent Durrieu had the idea to create Teebike.

The Teebike Wheel is a bicycle front wheel, electric and universal that allows you in a few minutes to turn your bike into an electric bike. All our bikes are solid and with a little maintenance they last for decades. So do not buy an electric bike and instead of throwing or splitting your bike that you love so much, give it a second life by repackaging it into an electric bicycle. The whhel Teebike settles like any wheel. You just have to connect it to the Teebike app and the pleasure of enjoying your reconditioned electric bike can start.

0 CO2 emission
100% electric
Incubated since

Juillet 2019

Laurent Durrieu, Founder

By integrating the Via ID Summer Sprint program, TEEBIKE will be able to benefit from the knowledge, experience and know-how of the teams to accelerate commercialization and make the revolution of electric mobility accessible to all bicycle owners.