The Treep, the Zen & Green application for getting there on time


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Fed up with arriving late and stressed out for your appointments ? Are you wasting too much time calculating and booking journeys involving a combination of metro + TGV + taxi ? This mobile application personalises door-to-door journeys involving the means of transport and the criteria that you determine: time, budget and carbon footprint, which we encourage you to reduce.


the Treep, available in France, is the mobility planner that saves you time in comparing, finding and booking the best way to make short trips around town, or long-distance travel combining several means of transport.

1.4 million business travellers
28 billion euros on the business travel market
28 mins the time required for organising a multimodal business trip.
Incubated from

april 2017 to

july 2017

Laurent La Rocca, co-founder

For us, the decision to join the Via ID business incubator was an obvious one: they are THE specialists in new mobilities and they have proven it via their start-ups, which are veritable references in their field.”