Xee, reinvents car use with its connected services platform

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Xee develops technical solutions and provides business support for the creation and introduction of services that make life easier for drivers through the use of mobile applications in a number of areas, including car maintenance and repair, car hire, banking and insurance, and innovation.

Xee has 2 offerings to meet the motorist’s basic needs (business and private users):

  • XeeKIT: XeeKIT deploys new generation applications and services for motorists, whatever the model of their vehicle (Pay-as-you-drive, Pay-how-you-drive, geopositioning, security and alert, SmartCity link, SmartHome)
  • XeeFLEET: XeeFLEET facilitates fleet management as of the first vehicle thanks to a real-time connection system (geopositioning, monitoring and analysis).
100 000 000 km traveled with Xee
37 Partners : TomTom, Rent A Car, Norauto, Midas, PSA, Uber, Allianz...
3 years R&D, 1-year pilot phase
Accelerated since

september 2011

Yvan , CEO Xee

Via ID is a veritable accelerator. This has given Xee access to expertise and enabled it to establish excellent commercial synergies with the Mobivia group. It is also a source of inspiration and motivation in everyday business matters via regular contact with those start-ups that are part of Via ID’s portfolio. The way in which Xee has developed thanks to the support of Via ID, an early shareholder, has attracted other industrial and financial shareholders like Bridgestone, Total Venture and Cofip.