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With Xee, connect your  vehicle from 2 wheels to trucks and create value from mobility data.
Our know-how, a 360 ° expertise for mobility and automotive stakeholders in IOT and data projects, their extraction in the vehicle, their cloud processing and their provision.


Deploy your “connected” mobility data project with our expertise:

o Lab Xee, an engineering firm specializing in vehicle data collection projects, with expertise in embedded IOT, software design for companies and for “live” processing and translation of these data,
o HiZeN by Xee, a multi-source, connected vehicle management and enrichment platform that enables sales, fleet management, fleet management and smart city professionals to build their business applications or CRM with “rich” data.

+ 900 million km analyzed and enriched
200 million signals emitted and analyzed per day
+ 35 000 equipped vehicles in Europe and rich data transmitters
Accelerated since

september 2011

Romain & Laurent , CEOs Xee

Via ID is a veritable accelerator. This has given Xee access to expertise and enabled it to establish excellent commercial synergies with the Mobivia group. It is also a source of inspiration and motivation in everyday business matters via regular contact with those start-ups that are part of Via ID’s portfolio. The way in which Xee has developed thanks to the support of Via ID, an early shareholder, has attracted other industrial and financial shareholders like Bridgestone, Total Venture and Cofip.