The 10 Tech Events of 2020 not to be missed

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Posted on 21 January 2020

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As the CES has just closed its doors, we offer you an overview of the tech events not to be missed in 2020. 









Location: Las Vegas, USA

Date : 7-10  january 2020


It is currently the biggest exhibition dedicated to technological innovation. In the previous edition, the CES succeeded in bringing together more than 4,400 companies and startups and more than 1,000 speakers !




Maddy Keynote

Location: Paris, France

Date : 30-31st january 2020


With more than 10,000 participants expected for this edition, which will take place for the first time over two days, the Maddy Keynote will address the subject of changes in the fields of Living and Territories. This annual event will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, decision-makers and medias to help you understand current technological trends.





Location : Shanghai, China & Helsinki, Finland

Date : 25-26 september & 19-20 november


For 2020, Slush will be based in Shanghai. The Chinese version of the European tech event promises a future-oriented programme and will allow networking in a unique way, open to all, even for the curious ones.





Innovfest Unbound

Location : Singapore

Date : 3-4 june


Innovfest Unbound is an event that presents the most innovative projects from Asia. For this 2020 edition, more than 20,000 entrepreneurs, companies, investors and startups are expected, representing nearly 100 countries.




NOAH Berlin

Location : Berlin, Germany

Date : 4-5 june


This conference focuses on investing in digital growth in Europe. It will bring together more than 5,000 executives, leading experts and investors to meet other stakeholders to discuss partnerships, investments or to expand their networks.





Location : Paris, France

Date : 11-13 june


It is the annual French event dedicated to innovation and startups. The show brings together many entrepreneurs, investors, students and academics to collaborate, network and keep up with technological innovations.

For this new edition, Vivatech hopes to bring together nearly 13,000 startups, 124,000 participants and 125 countries.




Mobile World Congres

Location : Barcelona, Spain & Shanghai, China

Date : 24-27 february & 30 june-2 july


This congress presents the latest technologies, innovative products and services and great ideas in technology.

For this year, the Mobile World Congress hopes to bring together 75,000 participants representing nearly 100 countries, 4,000 speakers, 350 CEOS, and about 500 exhibitors.




IFA Berlin

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date : 4-9 september


The IFA Berlin is known as the European version of the CES. It features the latest innovations in technology, electronics and consumer telecommunications.

This year, the IFA is expecting to attract around 240,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors, a show that is full of innovations and opportunities!




Web Summit

Localisation : Lisboa, Portugal

Date : 2-5 november


The Web Summit is one of the must-attend technology and innovation conferences in Europe. It is an opportunity to discover the latest innovations from key players in the tech industry via keynotes, booths, networking sessions, and a lot more.




SWITCH Singapore

Location : Singapore

Date : 9-13 november


SWITCH is an event that presents the new technological applications that are redefining our way of life as a result of scientific discoveries and advances. Many mobility players can be found there, offering a wide range of solutions to improving the future of mobility. SWITCH aims to attract 60,000 participants from 140 countries to its 2020 edition.