Via ID x Foundation Solar Impulse: promoting 1000 sustainable and profitable solutions!

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Posted on 06 August 2018

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The European Startup Prize for Mobility aims to spot the light among sustainable mobility European leaders. Stay tuned, the 2nd edition is coming soon in Autumn. After this project, Via ID supports the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

In November 2017, Bertrand Piccard foundation launched the 1000 Solutions Challenge. The goal is clear : select, label and promote 1.000 solutions for a sustainable world. It aims to show public decision-makers and business executive that it could be cost-effective to protect the environment. Bertrand Piccard will present and support the selected projects during 2018 COP 24.

For sure, mobility is at stake among the label key thematics. Via ID is proud to support Solar Impulse to :

  • Source mobility solutions
  • Provide mobility experts to assess the applications
  • Expand its network among mobility key stakeholders and startups, especially in the global Via ID ecosystem

Get ready to join in the adventure! Please apply online before the end of September.

Why become a  #1000 Solutions?

How to get the label?

Join the 1000 Solutions Challenge before the end of September 2018