Xee raises over €12M

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Posted on 27 April 2017

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Xee, the budding start-up from FrenchTech that is reinventing how people use cars via its platform of connected services, raises over €12M from Bridgestone EMEA, Total and Cofip, joining Via ID, the existing investor.

The French start-up company founded in 2012 by Via ID, Mobivia‘s business accelerator for new forms of mobility, completes this fundraising to speed up its growth and the roll-out of its innovations in France and across Europe.

“In addition to being a forerunner in the field of connected cars, Xee is a highly original start-up. Founded by Mobivia in 2012 based on an intrapreneurial initiative, Xee’s development was accelerated by Via ID to help it grow and connect with leading industrial and financial players across the world. Today, we are proud to have fostered the emergence of a company that is a European leader in its particular field, which we hope will be rich with financial and industrial partnerships in the future” – Yann Marteil, Via ID’s CEO and Mobivia’s Chief Operating Officer.