Yper and You2You are merging together to build a logistic platform in France in the last mile delivery field.

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Posted on 21 September 2020

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Since its entry in the capital of You2You in 2016 alongside Auchan and Boulanger, Via ID has made its expertise and network available to the startup specializing in last mile delivery for small items. Since 2018, in addition to its collaborative platform, You2You has managed to develop a new logistic model designed for the urban last mile, initially called Relayed. Thanks to its partnership with the giant of logistics, DHL, You2You has been able to deploy a unique ecosystem combining urban storage points, personalized customer itineraries and a fleet of more than 1,750 bike couriers. This service responded to the growing needs of logisticians regarding the last mile and the numerous constraints related/linked to e-commerce deliveries made to private individuals’ homes. 



After the successful merge of their collaborative delivery activities in 2019, Yper and You2You are now fully integrated with the ambition of becoming the French market leader in last mile delivery logistics by 2021. By facilitating this strategic rapprochement, Via ID participated in the consolidation of the last mile delivery market, which has seen significant growth this past few months.


With some iconic clients such as Supermarché Match, Intermarché, Chronodrive, DHL and numerous partner stores like Interflora, the platform enjoys both new and renewed trust. As a matter of fact, the growth is also there: within a year, a few more cities have benefited from the arrival of the collaborative delivery. Hubs of the couriers’ activity (about twenty urban storage points in the city center) are supposed to double in the 4 upcoming months in city centers