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Posted on 07.10.21
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Le lien entre les SPAC et les Startups tech de la mobilité 16

In September, Mobility Club members enjoyed a great private session about 5G and Mobility. Guillaume Vaquero (Wavestone), Pierre Regnier (Velco) and Hacene Lahreche (SNCF) shared great insights and use cases about 5G, and its involvement in the mobility sector.

The event took place at Tea Loft, in the centre of Paris, where Mobility Club members and its partners gathered to deep dive into this interesting, while complex, topic. At the agenda: a welcoming coffee, a keynote session followed by a nice networking moment.

In this article, I’m offering you a synthesis of the keynote session. If you want to access the full presentation, please email at [email protected].

Thanks to all the participants, and especially to the speakers which had great success with the audience!

Where do we stand about the 5G roll-out and its prospects?

First and foremost: what is 5G? Basically, it’s the fifth generation of mobile frequencies, launched 10 years after the fourth generation (4G). Wavestone identified 5 main technological benefits of the 5G:

The rest of the article is for Mobility Club members.

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