Blockchain & Mobility: the infographics

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Posted on 23.05.22
Mobility insights
Beyond the buzz, what are the prospects for mobility about blockchain?
For months now, the tech ecosystem is all about “Web 3.0”, some artists are selling images at skyrocketing prices using NFTs. Cryptocurrencies are taking greater importance in our lives, even in the institutional side, with some central banks’ initiatives about it.
However, blockchain technology isn’t new, and so its applications in mobility. Logistics, ticketing, vehicle history, interoperability of charging stations, traceability: all of these segments already developed blockchain use cases.
In this ecosystem, corporates launched blockchain projects very early, startups are building innovative products based on this technology, and investors are bullish about blockchain’s potential.
In April, the Mobility Talks will help you to go further, and identify the real prospects for mobility, beyond the buzz. Find below an exclusive infographics, only for Mobility Club members, based on all the great insights shared by Wavestone, The Blockchain Xdev and Emblock.

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