Call for Startups: Groupe ADP x Mobility Club (Inclusive Mobility)

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Posted on 25.03.22
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Call for Startups: Groupe ADP x Mobility Club (Inclusive Mobility)

The Mobility Club, in partnership with one of its members, Groupe ADP, launches a “Call for Startups” towards innovative inclusive mobility startups. Winners will have the chance to pitch in a Demo Do at the Innovation Hub of Groupe ADP, on April, 26th. 


The mobility of every person, inside Groupe ADP’s infrastructures, is a top priority given the coming major sporting events, organized in Paris and in France. In this context, Groupe ADP, represented by its Innovation Department, is looking for new inclusive mobility solutions, in order to welcome everyone in its infrastructures (from the entrance in the airport to the boarding), in the light of these two main events.

 What are the main thematics?

This Call for Startups is open to innovative startups developing a product/service in the following thematics:

  • Autonomy of the person and its attendant
  • New services
  • People’s reception and management
  • Motorization of the service

The Innovation Hub du Groupe ADP

In line with its “raison d’être” (welcome passengers, exploit and imagine airports, in a sustainable way, all around the world), the Groupe ADP, through the Innovation Hub, has set up an innovation strategy based on four pillars:


  • Open (develop an ecosystem : +100 events, 28.000 visitors)
  • Invest (build an industrial partnership : investment fund CVC/VC)
  • Connect (experiment : around 12 projects/year)
  • Re.Invent (explore new territories: Advanced Air Mobility (UAM, Regional Electric, Airships), New energy issues, Multimodality

Why you should apply?

Winners will have the opportunity to :

  • access to a decision-makers network from Groupe ADP and Mobility Club members (TotalEnergies, Egis, Groupe Inter Mutuelles Assistance, Mobivia, Lab Box, Hutchinson…)
  • pitch in front of a qualified audience at the Demo Day (businesses of Groupe ADP linked to the thematics of the Call for Startups)
  • benefit from a great visibility to the Mobility Club, Via ID and Groupe ADP community

Finally, one startup among the winners will have the chance to exhibit its solutions during an event organized by Groupe ADP.

This event, based on a journey for accessibility solutions, will be held at the TVG train station, and will welcome both the public (SNCF passengers + airlines companies) and professionnals (Groupe ADP employees + HUA partners).


Selection criterias

To be selected, startups must fit with the following criterias:

  • Fit with one of the thematics of the Call for Startups (Autonomy of the person and its attendant, New services, People’s reception and management, Motorization of the service)
  • Offering an operational solution within 3 months, and also in dense flows situations
  • Headquarterd in the EU
  • Present a potential use case with Groupe ADP

Save the dates

  • 29 March : start of the Call for Startups
  • 15 April : end of the Call for Startups
  • 21 April : winners announcement
  • 26 April : Demo Day at the Innovation Hub

Call for Startups : Groupe ADP x Mobility Club (Inclusive Mobility)

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