March Talk #2: the EV charging landscape with EDF

Reading time 1 mn.
Posted on 17.03.22

Since the question of recharging is fundamental for the development of the electric vehicle, the Mobility Talks offers a series dedicated to the EV charging landscape.

You will learn all about the innovations in this field, the possible collaborations between corporates and startups, but also the major differences in the world on the subject.

On Thursday, March 17, we will welcome Guillaume LesueurEDF Pulse Ventures Director, to answer the following questions:

  • As a CVC, what kind of synergies have you developed with EV charging startups?
  • What are the main innovations you’ve identified, and the ones you’re looking for?
  • Beyond charging, what are the key services needed to favour EV adoption?
March Talk #2 : EV charging