European Startup Prize for mobility: discover the TOP50 of the 4th edition!

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Posted on 26.01.22
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European Startup Prize for mobility: discover the TOP50 of the 4th edition!

50 sustainable mobility startups have been selected from hundreds of applicants for the 4th edition of the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

European Startup Prize for Mobility: over 500 mobility startups evaluated

Co-founded in 2017 by Via ID and the Boston Consulting Group – following the launch initiative of Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism – the prize goal is to support  the best European startups in sustainable mobility.

After the launch of its 4th edition on September 30 in Tallinn, 563 applications and 6 weeks of intense evaluation with the help of 60 independent mobility experts, the European Startup Prize for Mobility unveils the TOP50 European mobility startups.

 How were the startups evaluated? According to the following criteria:

  • Business Model: Innovation, Market, Execution, Team
  • CSR: Environmental impact and climate, Social and territorial inclusion
  • The scope of their activity at European level

Discover the 50 selected startups

Energy transition, Micro-mobility, connected vehicles, MaaS, last mile delivery, etc. The selection of the TOP50 startups shows a real diversity.

  • Avocargo: A German startup that enables sharing cargo bikes with full flexibility and utmost reliability.
  • BAQME: A Netherlands startup that offers a platform for shared electric cargo bikes, on a mission to reduce short distance car trips in cities. They currently operate with a fleet of >200 bikes in 2 cities in the Netherlands.
  • Tandem: A UK based startup that creates a new flexible model of public transport, especially for those outside big cities. Their technology turns existing taxi, minibus and coach fleets into smart, shared shuttles.
  • MyMove: A Belgian startup which removes the hassle from fleet sharing. They are the missing link for organizations to successfully unlock & adopt shared mobility via a completely digital and autonomous experience celebrated by users.
  • Flexmove: A Belgian startup that proposes a road-to-rail, electric and shared vehicle which can be driven like a car on the road and is autonomous on railway tracks thanks to patented road-to-rail wheels.
  • GO Sharing: A Netherlands startup that offers 100% electric shared transport all via one app. E-scooters, e-bikes and e-cars are all available to reduce private owned transport and make more sustainable transport accessible.
  • Railcoop: A French startup which is the first railway undertaking with co-operative status. Their goal is to offer new services in order to reinforce the train in mobility, and serve rural areas. 
  • Fluctuo: A French startup that collects and analyzes data on shared mobility services (bikes, scooters, scooters and cars).
  • Amperand: A Spanish startup and service shared micromobility player whose ambition is to accelerate the transition to electric mobility.
  • Nudgd: A Swedish startup Smart that created  a digital platform named Smart Travel Habits to establish climate-friendly travel using behavioral science.
  • Cafler: A Spanish startup that offers a marketplace/service platform that, through a professional driver, does any activity related to a vehicle (taking it to the garage, wash it, fuel it, park it, MOT test, etc.)
  • Splyt: A UK based startup that enables superapps, travel platforms, and wallets to fully integrate mobility and lifestyle services – from search to payment. No additional app downloads or registrations required by users. 
  • RYDES: A German startup that provides an urban mobility solution for companies to give their employees all modes of transport, anywhere they are and CO2 Neutral, without any extra admin work.
  • BETTERWAY: A French startup that created the first universal mobility pass, available at 45k merchants throughout Europe. They are targeting corporate and mid-size companies to give access to sustainable mobility for all.
  • FAAREN: A German startup which is an international SaaS provider and marketplace for car subscriptions. They offer customers a white label or customized solution including the necessary subscription handling services.
  • ViveLaCar: A German startup that offers vehicles in an innovative car subscription concept.
  • All Aboard: A Swedish startup that explores, plans and books train trips in Europe. 
  • NepTech: A French startup which proposes a new naval mobility solution that is zero-emission, efficient and intelligent. Their hydrogen catamarans relieve congestion and massively reduce the environmental footprint of mobility.
  • Heex Technologies: A French startup that enables the next generation of AI companies to get to the data that they need and deliver on the promise of ground-breaking innovations.
  • OTIV: A Belgian startup which offers assistance and autonomous systems for rail vehicles in complex urban/industrial environments. They disrupt the industry by upgrading existing fleets with smart sensors and algorithms.
  • StoreShippers: A Netherlands startup that offers the largest sustainable urban delivery network for global retail. They currently operate in +10 countries, +300 cities, and have +82 million customers.
  • Citkar: A German startup that improves urban environments with CO2-free sustainable urban e-mobility solutions. Their product is a combination of bicycle and automotive tech: stable, reliable and intuitive to ride.
  • FlexiModal: A French startup that proposes an all-round solution – with the BicyLift and Runner trailers combined with their Modules – to decrease the time lost in transloading goods from one means of transport to the other in the Last Mile Delivery.
  • ZELEROS HYPERLOOP: A Spanish startup that leads the development of a scalable hyperloop, a new transport system to connect cities and logistics hubs at 1000km/h, 0 direct emissions and high energy efficiency.
  • THEO: A German startup that develops a last-mile delivery as a service platform, providing on-demand access to semi-autonomous delivery robots, including ground ops, telemonitoring, fleet-management & route optimisation.
  • Optiyol: A Turkish startup that built a B2B Software solution which helps retailers and carriers for end-to-end optimization of logistics; from planning with advanced algorithms to execution with a driver app.
  • Vianova: A French startup that uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods.
  • Comodule: An Estonian startup that empowers micromobility by providing IoT solutions to bike manufacturers and sharing fleets. They also manufacture the most sustainable and safe scooter for sharing fleets.
  • Velco: A French startup that provides connected solutions for Light Electric Vehicles.
  • 2hire: An Italian startup which develops a technology to connect all vehicles and enable digital services around them. Mobility operators leverage the 2hire platform to retrieve data and send remote commands to all vehicles.
  • WingDriver: A Portuguese startup that provides a smartphone AI tech for driver and vehicle monitoring. It is the only company that applies AI to a combination of facial analysis, vehicle inertial data, and the vehicle surroundings.
  • Aurora Labs: An Israeli startup which offers a Vehicle Software Intelligence solution that collects granular and actionable data from complex automotive systems, applying AI to enable software transparency and management.
  • Nowos : A Netherland startup that supports the circular economy by repairing lithium batteries, reusing and recycling the raw material.
  • H3 Dynamics: A French startup that decarbonizes aerial mobility thanks to data, cargo and people.
  • Addionics: An Israeli startup which develops 3D battery electrodes to improve charging, capacity, lifetime, safety, and lower costs.
  • Batteries for people: A French startup that creates services based on their technical expertise in battery performance in order to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.
  • ZipCharge: A UK based startup that offers powerbank for EV, portable charging that is low-cost, convenient and easy to use.
  • Velca: A Spanish startup that offers 100% electric motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles with an intelligent system designed to improve the sustainability of the planet and mobility in our cities.
  • Bia Power SL: A Spain based startup which proposes a smart electric vehicle charging platform, featuring forecasting algorithms and an optimization engine to manage, predict, and optimize EV charging.
  • Hyliko: A French startup that decarbonizes transport operations 3 times faster thanks to: hydrogen HGVs lease, carbon neutral hydrogen produced locally, carbon credit management.
  • DiGas (NYSMART): A Latvian startup which offers a dual fuel technology that is tailored for modernisation and upgrade of air-polluting diesel locomotives, to ensure their clean and efficient operation with any type of diesel engine.
  • Levante: An Italian startup that offers a reinvented solar panel design. It creates the energy needed with its smart, modular, deployable solar panel that regenerates over time.
  • Paragon Mobility SAS: A french startup that provides a turnkey service named the « Pod », a compact, modular and scalable charging station with embedded power management and optional battery/hydrogen storage.
  • Beev: A french startup which offers a service for professionals and individuals who want to switch to an electric vehicle, and/or set up a charging station.
  • Novali: A Belgian startup which manufactures and recycles batteries. They develop next generation battery technologies with up to twice the energy density compared to the state-of-the-art.
  • Phoenix Mobility: A french startup that offers standardized and modular EV conversion kits for public and private actors that seek to accelerate their energy transition in a practical, responsible and cost-efficient way.
  • Stokjet (Arkadiusz): A Polish startup that produces a software for the aviation industry, which helps airlines save 4% of fuel and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Revolve-wheel: A German startup that proposes a foldable active wheelchair that saves up to 60% of its space when both frame and unique 24 inches foldable wheels are folded.
  • Auve Tech: An Estonian startup which builds the world’s most flexible last-mile transportation ecosystem with their autonomous shuttles.
  • Cosmo Connected: A French startup which has developed a product ecosystem that includes smart lights, smart helmets, augmented visualization systems and a set of connected services accessible from an application.

What are the next steps for the selected startups?

The 50 selected startups will each have to pitch in front of a jury of mobility experts, online, to establish a TOP10.

Key dates to remember: 

  • March 2022: Announcement of the TOP10
  • May 2022: Awards ceremony