Fintech & Mobility: the infographics!

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Posted on 23.03.22
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Fintech & Mobility: the infographics! 5

Mobility and financial services intersect regularly: when buying or leasing a vehicle, payment at gas stations and toll booths, insurance…

Fintech has digitized finance and insurance, and some solutions specialize in mobility.

These players, who may compete with established players (often on emerging segments), or integrate into digitized distribution channels, are innovating to make vehicle management more fluid (both for individuals and professionals).

In February, the Mobility Club Talks helped you to better identify how fintechs can serve mobility.

Only for Mobility Club members, here is the infographics coming from all the great insights we collected from Caura, Wunder Mobility and Treezor!

The rest of the article is for Mobility Club members.

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