The H1 European CVC Activity in Mobility by the Mobility Club

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Posted on 13.09.21
Mobility insights
Xee, traitement de données de mobilité

When it comes to venture investing, it’s interesting to see where corporates pour their money since they act as a strategic investor. Beyond providing cash to entrepreneurs, those players can leverage their sectoral know-how and assets. Hence following the corporate venture activity in the European mobility sector tells a lot about the way corporates see the future!

Twice a year, we’ll take a step backward on our monthly review of all the CVC-backed mobility tech startups in Europe. This analysis is structured as following:

  • By month
  • By country
  • By sector
  • Top 10 deals analysis (in terms of amount invested)

Here is the H1 European CVC Activity in Mobility by the Mobility Club, I hope you’ll find this article insightful!

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