Hydrogen Mobility Startups

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Posted on 26.09.22
Mobility insights

European funding into hydrogen startups increased by 592% in 2021, compared to 2020. The current environment (both societal and macroeconomic) puts all-things related to energy at the core. 

Currently, according to the European Commission, this energy accounts “for less than 2%” of Europe’s overall energy consumption. There’s big room for improvement. Europe set big ambitions, setting the goal to create an European hydrogen ecosystem, from production to consumption. Hydrogen “is a key priority to achieve the European Green Deal”. According to the Hydrogen Council, hydrogen consumption could reach 25% of the global energy by 2050.
In mobility, this technology has a lot of use cases, and startups have embraced it. In this article we’ll try to deep-dive into the hydrogen mobility startup ecosystem, with a focus on Europe, and see who are the main players in this field, but also the most promising use cases for mobility.

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