Hyundai Motor Group joins the Mobility Club members!

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Posted on 19.10.22
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Hyundai Motor Group-mobility club

Hyundai Motor Group, a South-Korean conglomerate, joined the Mobility Club last September – Via ID’s acceleration platform for mobility players, created  in 2018 – to develop their open innovation initiatives in France and Europe.

Hyundai Motor Group : a Korean player full of ambitions

Hyundai Motor Group is a global South-Korean company, and a highly innovative one. They are present in many innovative mobility markets:  they plan to spend $10B on EVs, AVs and robotics in the US by 2025. They planned their hydrogen strategy and want to offer fuel cell versions of commercial cars by 2028. They also invest in innovative startups in Korea and worldwide, like Ottopia among others.  

Indeed, they take part in the development and support of innovative projects:

They operate globally and have technology centers all over the world, including in Berlin (Hyundai Cradle), as well as partners which the Mobility Club is now a part of. 

Hyundai Motor Group x Mobility Club: the partnership

The South-Korean conglomerate joined the Mobility Club in September. Hyundai Motor Group has chosen the Mobility Club as a privileged French and European partner for

  • Startup sourcing (investment or partnership)
  • Understanding the major trends in Europe
  • Connecting with the European mobility ecosystem. 

By joining the Mobility Club, Hyundai Motor Group will strengthen their presence in France and Europe, as well as their connection with innovative mobility players. Thanks to the Mobility Club’s hands-on approach, they will save time in understanding market trends and identifying innovative models all over Europe. The Mobility Club by Via ID is thrilled to partner with this global player.

With Hyundai and Kia’s mission to drive global disruptive innovation, we’re excited to announce our newest partnership with Via ID and the Mobility Club. Through this collaboration we will expand our open innovation initiatives in France and Europe, and explore further opportunities to collaborate with innovative partners.

Guillaume Parvaix
, Manager Innovation Division