You2you, expert in last mile delivery for small objects, joins forces with yper to create the leader in collaborative delivery in France

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Posted on 29.09.19
You2you, expert de la livraison du dernier km pour petits objets unit ses forces avec yper pour créer le leader de la livraison collaborative en France

Yper, leader in collaborative delivery in France.

You2You and yper, two players in collaborative delivery, have decided to join forces to promote a new vision of urban logistics by creating the leading platform for collaborative delivery in France, with more than 100,000 users and nearly 2,000 customers! 

By taking over the collaborative activities of You2You, i.e. all users of the “Youzer” application (+40,000) and all their partners (+1,000), yper becomes the French leader in collaborative delivery. Florists, supermarket chains, local shops… The possibilities seem unlimited for this rapidly expanding model, which allows thousands of French people to make a personal trip profitable easily, while maximizing existing travel flows. Yper is active in about thirty major cities across France.

Relayed by You2You, a unique ecosystem for the last mile 

Relayed by You2You thus becomes the core business of You2You.

Since 2018, in addition to its collaborative platform, You2You has been developing a new logistics model designed for the last urban kilometre, Relayed. Thanks to a partnership with logistics giant DHL, the brand deploys a unique ecosystem combining urban storage points, personalized customer routes and a fleet of more than 1000 bicycle couriers. The latter meets the growing needs of logistics operators over the last kilometre and the many constraints associated with e-commerce deliveries to the homes of private individuals.

Thanks to an ultra-fast deployment, the platform is already deployed in 15 major French cities (Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, etc.). The objective is to cover all major French cities by mid-2020. In addition to this, You2You is currently developing numerous partnerships with e-commerce brands that are keen to offer green delivery and by appointment to their customers.