What mobility events are not to be missed in 2022?

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Posted on 14.02.22
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Quels sont les événements de la mobilité à ne pas rater en 2022 ? 1

Every year, many events are planned to discover the innovations and trends of the mobility sector, and to facilitate exchanges between its different actors. After a complex health context, and almost 2 years in full digital, the event program is back on track! 

Trade shows, conferences, in France or abroad, physical and/or digital, Via ID made you a list of tech and mobility events to attend!


Discover the list of mobility events planned for 2022


Since 2016, the Autonomy Paris trade show – dedicated to sustainable mobility – brings together companies, startups, cities and NGOs to facilitate meetings and collaboration on the future of urban mobility.

  • When? March 16th-17th
  • Where? Porte de Versailles, Paris
  • Event theme: mobility
  • Event scope: European

EcoMotion Week

EcoMotion Week allows the sharing and discovery of innovations in smart mobility. 

  • When? May 9th to 12th
  • Where? Tel Aviv
  • Event theme: innovation in smart mobility
  • Event scope: international


Since 2015, ChangeNOW is the global gathering of the impact ecosystem. Bringing together companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

  • When? May 19th to 21st
  • Where? Grand Palais éphémère, Paris 
  • Event theme: the first universal exhibition of innovations for the planet
  • Event scope: international

ITS European Congress

The ITS European Congress is a mobility services showcase, a platform for actors from transport, logistics, IT industries, and smart and sustainable mobility. The year 2022 marks its 14th edition.

  • When? May 30th to June 1st
  • Where? Toulouse
  • Event theme: smart mobility and digitalization of transport
  • Event scope: European

Micromobility Europe

Micromobility Europe gathers micromobility’s top global thinkers, builders and investors. In order to build a more sustainable world.

  • When? June 1st-2nd
  • Where? Amsterdam
  • Event theme: micromobility
  • Event scope: European

Movin’On RE-Connect

Every year, this fair brings together more than 5,000 experts, decision-makers and stakeholders from public and private companies, startups, public organizations, cities and universities.

  • When? June 1st-2nd
  • Where? The location has not yet been revealed
  • Event scope: international

European Mobility Expo

The European Mobility Expo brings together all the players in public transport and sustainable mobility in Paris, with over 250 French and international exhibitors. During the fair, participants will be able to attend free conferences on the major issues of the sector: energy transition, opening to competition, Maas…In 2021, the event counted: 11,000 visitors, more than 250 exhibitors and over 60 countries represented. 

  • When? June 7th to 9th
  • Where? Porte de Versailles, Paris
  • Event theme: Public transport and sustainable mobility actors
  • Event scope: European

Move London

MOVE is an event dedicated entirely to the mobility sector. In 2021, it counted: 5000 visitors, over 350 exhibitors, 788 speakers and 250 startups.

  • When? June 15th-16th
  • Where? London
  • Event theme: mobilities
  • Event scope: European


Every year, Vivatech – focused on transformation and startup growth – brings together, in Paris and online, business leaders, startups, investors, researchers and innovators. In 2021, it counted: 26,000 physical visitors, 114,000 online, over 500 speakers and 149 countries represented.

  • When? June 15th to 18th
  • Where? Porte de Versailles, Paris
  • Event theme: Tech and innovation
  • Event scope: international

The National Meetings of Mobility Management

Co-organized by Cerema, ADEME, the Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale (CNFPT), and the Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL), this is a reference event intended for mobility management stakeholders, as well as for those who are interested.

  • When? June 21st-22nd
  • Where? Lille
  • Event theme: the new world of mobility management


EUROBIKE is a global trade fair for the bike market. This event allows the bicycle industry actors to network, discover and share new emerging trends and innovations.

  • When? July 13th to 17th
  • Where? Frankfurt
  • Event theme: The world’s leading global trade fair for the bike business
  • Event scope: international

Sustainable cities Summit

Dedicated to urban innovation and the challenges of sustainable cities, the Sustainable Cities Summit is the meeting place for public actors, innovators and high-level decision makers.

  • When? September 13th
  • Where? The Potocki Hotel, Paris
  • Event theme: urban innovations, sustainable cities
  • Event scope: international

The International Mobility Summit Electronomous

Now in its seventh year, the event brings together the global mobility, automotive, transport and smart city ecosystem, to shape and plan mobility for our future cities. For its 2022 edition, the International Mobility Summit Electronomous is partnering with the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

  • When? October 12th-13th
  • Where? Copenhagen
  • Event theme: bring together the global mobility, automotive, transport
  • Event scope: international


EquipAuto is a leading European B2B event dedicated to innovation in connected mobility services. It is held every two years.

  • When? October 18th to 22nd
  • Where? Porte de Versailles, Paris
  • Event theme: autotech
  • Event scope: European


Slush reunites global startups that are transforming a wide range of industries. 

  • When? November 17th-18th
  • Where? Helsinki
  • Event theme: tech and innovation
  • Event scope: international

Web Summit

The Web Summit is a tech event, reuniting CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups and policymakers. In 2021, it counted: 42000 visitors, more than 700 speakers, 1500 startups, 850 investors and 128 countries represented.

  • When? In November, the date has not been announced yet. 
  • Where? Lisbon
  • Event theme: tech and innovation
  • Event scope: international

Smart City Barcelona

Since 2011, the Smart City Barcelona goal is to ease the creation of a better future for cities and their citizens, by sharing urban and social innovations across the globe, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities.

  • When? In November, the date has not been announced yet. 
  • Where? Barcelona 
  • Event theme: tech and innovation
  • Event scope: international