Discover the startups joining the Moove Lab 10th promotion!

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Posted on 22.02.23
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Moove Lab's 10th promotion!

The Moove Lab – the accelerator for mobility and automotive startups, co-founded by Mobilians and Via ID – welcomes its 10th batch of startups this Wednesday, February 22 at Station F. The promotion includes 15 projects and is marked by the arrival of a new partner, the EDF Group.

The Moove Lab: the mobility startups accelerator

Founded in September 2017 by Mobilians and Via ID, the Moove Lab – which celebrates its 5th anniversary on March 22 – is the only gas pedal at Station F dedicated to mobility startups. 

Its goal is to support the development of ambitious projects led by innovative startups that address mobility-related issues.

In over 5 years, the Moove Lab represents:


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Synergies created between startups and program partners

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, the Moove Lab selected – from among 16 finalists – the startups of its 10th promotion. A selection made by a jury including the program’s partners: BMW Group France, Bridgestone, Bee2Link, BCA expertise, COFIDIS, the NextMove automotive competitiveness cluster, ANFA, OPCO Mobilités, Opteven, Roole. And for the first time, the EDF Group who’s joining the accelerator historical partners to provide young entrepreneurs with its expertise and forward-looking vision on the major challenges of mobility.

Partenaires Moove Lab

At the heart of the issues, electric mobility has a role to play in the decarbonization of society. Alongside the Moove Lab, a genuine accelerator of innovative mobility solutions, we support and participate in the solutions of the future.

Olivier Dubois
, Electric Mobility Director, EDF Group

Moreover, BMW Group France is sponsoring the next promotion of the program for the third time.

As a Moove Lab partner, we choose to support innovative startups. It is also an opportunity for us to discover the creative approach of these talents, to challenge them and above all to learn! During the selection of the 10th promotion, we discovered solutions that contribute to making the city a more sustainable place and that respond to the major challenges of organizing public space, solutions that finally shed light on tomorrow’s mobility for future generations, including a collective and motorway-based hydrogen mobility solution for a not-so-distant future.

Vincent Salimon
, Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW Group France

Which startups are joining the Moove Lab’s 10th promotion?

Selected from over 125 applications, the 16 startups will join the Moove Lab at Station F this Wednesday, February 22 for a period of 6 months:

BiB BatteriesBiB Batteries develops a software tool for fleet battery monitoring, as well as a complete ecosystem around the circular economy of lithium-ion batteries.
offers a nomadic solution for the use of gases for pressure adjustments.
DeliverMeCityDeliverMe.City is the only eco-friendly and ultra flexible delivery solution for the recipient.
Gazelle TechGazelle Tech is developing an ecological electric vehicle produced locally via micro-production plants.
Jungle BikeJungle Bike develops a platform to digitize the bike repairer’s activity (operations and customer relations).
KlaxoKlaxo, the first Saas & Marketplace tool that allows driving schools to sell their training online and manage their administrative and pedagogical activities, as well as candidates to find, buy and manage their training.
Liberty RiderLiberty Rider develops a mobile application for motorcyclists, allowing to secure the trip and insure the rider, with a community approach.
MbrellaMbrella helps employers reduce their carbon footprint and increase their attractiveness by easily implementing sustainable mobility benefits for their employees.
NelsonNelson is a SaaS software that supports companies in the electrification of their vehicle fleet through a fine analysis of their data.
NomadNomad optimizes the organization of user transportation in the medico-social sector.
StreetcoStreetco, the 1st collaborative pedestrian GPS application serving people with limited mobility.
SymoneSymone is developing a hydrogen-powered bus to transport cars or motorcycles on the highway.
QivioQivio, Golden Ticket from the previous promotion, is the first two-wheel neo-insurance specially designed for the customer-dealer relationship.
TolvRetrofit of commercial and special vehicles. Tolv offers to convert your fleet to electric with kits eligible for subsidies.
CezigueCezigue offers mobility players a place to build and maintain web, mobile and car-based applications dedicated to mobility.